MacPractice Academy

The MacPractice Academy is a series of training sessions that extensively cover how to use McPractice to its fullest potential. This is an excellent training option for busy offices that need to quickly train new and existing office staff, whether they have no experience in MacPractice or simply need a refresher. The Academy is broken down into several “Tracks,” which provide specialized training over specific office roles. Attendees will participate in an hour-long class Monday through Friday during their respective session, complete guided practice worksheets, and take a final quiz upon completion of the track. If the user passes the exam with an 80% score or higher, they will receive a Certificate of Completion. Certified MacPractice Users will receive a 10% discount on any training purchased within one year of certification. The cost to register for one Academy Track is $200. For this price, you will receive FIVE hours of phone training, guided worksheets, individualized feedback from MacPractice Trainers and an opportunity to earn discounted training rates. Furthermore, the cost for any subsequent Academy Tracks is only $50 each. For example, if you register for three Academy Tracks, your total bill will be only $300. Register for multiple Tracks to receive high-quality training at a fraction of the cost! Click on the Academy Tracks below to learn more about the curriculum for each track and to register.