Ordering a Replacement Hardware Token from Exostar

A spare hardware token can be ordered directly from Exostar for a cost of $40. Keep in mind that only ONE hardware token can be active within an Exostar account. A spare hardware token can be purchased if a provider’s hardware token is lost, becomes broken, or the provider would like to keep a backup at hand. 

  1. Spare Hardware Token – This is a token the provider must purchase because they have lost their hardware token, broken by their usage or they would simply like a spare hardware token at the cost of $40. The provider can purchase this using a credit or debit card via PayPal. Please see below for how to order your spare token. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.
  2. Replacement Hardware Token – This is a token that the provider can receive free of cost due to the original hardware token never having been received (lost in the mail), the hardware token is received broken or becomes unusable due to an inherent flaw of the token. If this is the case, you would email with the provider’s full name, contact phone number, name of company if being shipped to the office and shipping address along with a picture of the front and back of the token.

**Please note: if the user received a broken hardware token from Exostar please provide the following information so a replacement can be sent:

  • Providers Name:
  • Providers EPCS email address:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Office Name (if being mailed to the office address):
  • Contact Phone#:
  • Pictures of the hardware token front and back (required)

How do I order a spare token?

To order a spare hardware token, go to the Admin tab in the NewCrop screens and click “Order Spare Hardware Token”. Clicking this will bring up some additional details about ordering a spare.


You can click the "Purchase" link as indicated in the screenshot below to continue.


Click Transfer to PayPal Portal in order to complete purchasing.
Keep in mind that a PayPal account is NOT required. A provider can pay with any debit or credit card.


Once payment has been completed, fill in required fields (highlighted in green) and click “Save”:


To order, click “Order Token”:


To return to NewCrop Admin Tab, click the “Return to NewCrop Admin” link. Before you do, you may want to print or screenshot the "Order Submitted!" notice with the Order ID to refer to it later. You should receive your spare hardware token in 3-5 business days.


You can click here for Exostar's help page which is where this information was provided. 

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