Gen 15 Release Notes (Includes Builds 15.0 and up)

Build 15.1.0-106


  • Addressed an issue where MacPractice could unexpectedly quit when utilizing the CCDA Export Manager node with the "Export Patient Incidents with changes from the last 48 hours" option. 


  • Addressed an OS compatibility issue where there were multiple spaces between nodes in the Dental sidebar in error.

Digital Radiography

  • Addressed an issue with recognizing the Radiovision App. 


  • Fixed a typo present when attempting to delete a Patient Form. 
  • Addressed an issue when Localization Preferences are set to use centimeters for height, where the EMR Vitals widget's height would be set to 0 in error. 


  • Added a Change Requests node under the ePrescribe folder in the Rx Ability, which will load a list of pending Rx change requests.


  • Resolved an issue where an account's patient could be archived if the patient was the only one present in the account, and the only open balance on the account is from a finance charge.
  • Addressed some issues with dark and light mode in the ledger.
  • Updated an alert text that would appear when changing the provider of a payment that has a tied refund associated with it.

Managers - Database Utilities

  • Addressed an issue with the Move Patient to another Account DB Utility. Now, if the patient has no provider set, an alert will appear to set a valid provider to the patient to avoid issues when completing the move. 


  • Updated the version on the login window.
  • Relocated the security certificate (SHA-256) fingerprint to the About MacPractice window to servers only. 


  • Addressed an issue in Form Preferences in the Other Settings tab, where there was no "None" setting available in the Sort Treatment Plans by drop down.

Preferences - Server Backups

  • Addressed some issues that could occur if the user clicks the Backups button multiple times in error. 


  • Addressed an issue where a user was not able to drag an insurance company from the Insurance Reference sidebar into an Insurance Company's Plan List and thus generate plans from the dragged company to the dropped insurance company's plan list. 


  • Resolved an issue that could occur when exporting the Earned Receipt report, where some columns would not capture the proper data.

Rx Ability

  • Resolved an issue where MacPractice could unexpectedly quit when renewing a medication record while printing. 


  • Addressed an issue in the All Blocks tab of the Transparency Types node where the search sidebar would not catch all the information in all columns in error. 

Build 15.0.0-161


  • Addressed an issue when clicking an Account Alert link on the Clinical Ability, where MacPractice could unexpectedly quit or not take you to the appropriate Account Alert in the Account Tab of the Patients Ability.


  • Resolved an issue with the Surface Restoration window not allowing the user to select a surface in error. 
  • Corrected an issue in the Dental Tab where the Expand All option for Clinical Notes was not behaving as expected.
  • Resolved an issue with the Clinical Note lock in the Dental Tab not functioning as intended. 

Digital Radiography

  • Addressed an issue where MacPractice could unexpectedly quit when adding a record in some circumstances. 


  • Addressed an issue where eClaims would show "Invalid Reason" when multiple NEA Segments exist. 
  • Addressed an issue where MacPractice would unexpectedly quit when archiving or unarchiving  in the Reports node in some circumstances. 


  • Resolved an issue when adding a new Immunization to an Immunization element with an Incident of "None", where a database error would occur. 
  • Addressed an issue when printing forms when previewing them in the Clinical Ability, where the margins as set in EHR/EMR were not the same in error. 


  • Added a brief 3-second delay after creating a patient form from a template, as prior to this change, accidental double or triple clicks were causing multiple extraneous patient forms to be generated in error.


  • Addressed an issue with the signature box not displaying a correct narrative, either in its section on the form view or when on the narrative view. 


  • Taxable charges should now display correctly in the Charges Window. 
  • Users should no longer be able to rebuild treatment plans on locked accounts. 
  • A user can now post $0 payments if necessary. 
  • If an Incident is archived and then unarchived, MacPractice should no longer unexpectedly quit. 
  • Resolved an issue with printing an Insurance Tracer, where if you cancel and repeat the step to Print an Insurance Tracer, MacPractice could unexpectedly quit.
  • Addressed an issue with re-arranging Treatment Plans in the same Incident. 


  • Added the ability to select multiple claims in the New Claims Manager. 
  • Addressed an issue with the Print Patient Per Page option in the ERA Manager, where the code list was not included in the print in error. 
  • Made some adjustments to the filtering claims by date options so they should now behave as expected. 


  • Resolved an issue when attempting to navigate to a Patient via the Inspector drawer, say for example when selecting an Insurance Company in References. By double clicking a patient's name in the Inspector, you would not always be taken to the appropriate account in error. 
  • Addressed a tooltip sizing issue in some areas of the software. 
  • Resolved a display issue that could occur when using the Inspector button in the lower left to expand or collapse the Inspector pane in some situations. 
  • Expanded the Group ID fields to contain up to 30 characters (from 25). This will also reflect in paper forms.
  • Addressed some issues with expanding/contracting the Inspector Pane after resizing the pane in some scenarios. 


  • Corrected an issue where the user would not be able to re-order Account Alerts and save them as expected. 
  • Addressed an issue when interacting with the Details button next to the Birth Date field in the Patients Ability, where MacPractice could unexpectedly quit in some cases. 

References - Users

  • When printing the Users Node in the References Ability, the Archived and Inactive status of users should now be captured in the print. 


  • Addressed an issue with the Statement Code and Diagnosis form, where only four diagnosis codes would pull onto the form in error. 
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