Can I update to MacOS Ventura?


Current Status: Just announced! Do not update if available.

Last Updated: June 6, 2022

On June 6th, 2022, Apple announced their newest iteration of the MacOS 13, named "Ventura".

We don't anticipate that this build of the MacOS will be immediately available for some time, but until MacPractice is able to establish and confirm compatibility, we strongly recommend you do not consider updating at this time.

If you ever have any questions about the new OS and whether it is safe to update on your office computers, please contact MacPractice Support. You can also bookmark this page and we will update it periodically with updates.

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    Dr. Murray Johnson

    How long do you anticipate that Tech Dept will need before MP is Ventura compatible? In the past it takes many, many months for this to happen-why? Developers have their hands on this long before the release of the new OS to the public. We all pay thousands of dollars a year for support, upgrades and compatibility. Can you please make COMPATIBILITY with the newest and latest Mac OS a number ONE priority? Thank you very much.

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    Amanda Hornburg

    Hi Dr. Johnson - Thank you for your comment! We are lightyears ahead of where we have been in the past and this year it is our number one priority to have this ready for when Ventura is available to the public! As a beta office, you should be hearing from us regarding a potential compatible release shortly after Gen 15 is released to beta offices!