Installing, Updating, and Connecting your iPad Apps

This article covers how to download our iPad Application offerings and how to get them up and running. We'll assume that you already have the iPad Apps added to your MacPractice License. If you haven't, please contact MacPractice Sales for more information.

The iPad Apps require iOS 13 and above to run properly. If you're on an older build of MacPractice (Prior to Build 12 and up) and currently using iPad apps, we do not recommend updating your iOS version, as this could break compatibility with those older Apps. 

Getting the Right Apps For Your Build

The Apps are currently designed to be specifically compatible with a particular Build of MacPractice. The list below will tell you what apps you'll need that are compatible with your current MacPractice Build. Keep in mind that if you update your MacPractice Build, you may need to re-download the correct version of your Apps in order to continue using them.

You can check what Build of MacPractice you're currently running by navigating to the MacPractice Menu in the software and clicking the "About MacPractice" option:




If a Build is marked to have TestFlight Apps, you'll need to download TestFlight before using these links. Read below for further details.

Apps List (Last Updated on 7/13/22)

Using Testflight for Beta App Links (if necessary)

TestFlight Links are used to provide Apps to offices that have beta builds of MacPractice released to them. TestFlight links cannot be used and will not be available for older builds of MacPractice. Unless specifically instructed to, you won't need to download TestFlight.

If you're using a Build that has Testflight links associated with the Apps, you'll need to first download the TestFlight App in the App Store before you'll be able to install the Apps. The store page will look like this, except the Update button should be a "Get" button instead.


Once TestFlight is installed, you can then simply use the corresponding links above to get the right apps for your build. You'll then be able to access the Apps via the TestFlight App, as shown in the below screenshot:


TestFlight Apps DO expire, but MacPractice will typically have a new version of the Apps available before the expiration date. Watch your bulletins when launching MacPractice for updates regarding new versions of the Apps being released, or other service advisories.

We also strongly encourage you to disable Automatic Updates. This will prevent the TestFlight app from automatically updating, which could lock you out of your build of MacPractice. You'll need to disable updates for EACH APP you're using. 

The Automatic Updates toggle is shown in the below screenshot:


Connecting an iPad to your MacPractice Server

The first time you launch one of the Apps, you'll first need to point the App towards your MacPractice Server. You'll do this by tapping the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner of the login prompt:


This will reveal the Host Name / IP address field. Here, you'll enter the local IP address for the MacPractice Server. You must be on the same network as the MacPractice Server in order to connect.


You can check the MacPractice Server's local address by checking the About MacPractice option on the Server Computer, in the same place as where you find the Build Number:


Granting Database Access

The first time you launch one of the Apps and log in for the first time, you'll need to grant Database Access to the device logging in. You'll first see this page show up when you log in for the first time on a device:


This page provides you a four-digit code that you can then enter into the MacPractice Server in the MacPractice Menu > Preferences > Database Access:



Once you enter the Passcode into the indicated field, you should see this message:


Once access has been granted, you can then log into the Apps.


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