Changes from Gen 11 to Gen 12

This article will cover the changes that have occurred in the software from Gen 11 to Gen 12 of MacPractice. This is not a comprehensive list, it simply focuses on the highlights and functionality changes that a user should be aware of when updating.

Builds of Gen 12 are compatible with MacOS Mojave and Catalina.

You can check which Gen or Build you're on by checking the "About MacPractice" option in the MacPractice Menu, as shown here:


In the resulting window, you can identify the "MacPractice Build" line, normally three lines from the top. 


So what's changed? (Up to 12.11)

Major Improvements

Minor Improvements and Changes

  • Added support for IL PDMP in the Rx Ability.
  • Added the latest ADA Claim Form for 2019, which is now installed by default.
  • Added date filtering options in the Clinical Ability for use when looking for specific information.
  • In the Dental Tab's Perio Chart node, the gingival margin notation point can accept negative values.
  • Added a Manufacturer field to Historical Immunizations in the Immunization Widget in the Clinical Ability.
  • Added a new "Birth Name" field to the Details button of the Patient Tab. This field is used if the patient had a prior, original name before their currently used name. This also includes a "Birth Name Changed Date" field to indicate the change if needed.
  • In the Patients Ability, we updated the first and last name fields to allow for larger field lengths for the first name (35 characters), and last name (50 characters)
  • Added an integration with DTX Bridge. More information here.
  • The Accounting Ability is now included on the toolbar by default when MacPractice is installed.
  • Implemented some tweaks to improve performance in several areas of the software.
  • Added a privacy restriction to the Clinical Ability. Patients are no longer able to load into the sidebar by default, you'll need to search for a specific patient to pull their record via the Patient Selector.
  • Added a privacy restriction to the Rx Ability that only shows the currently selected patient's medications.
  • Added the ability to resize the preset and filter section in Digital Radiography.
  • Added the LabCorp Inbox to the Services and Products Ability sidebar.
  • Added an alert on MacOS Catalina and higher when setting a Backup Path in Server Backups. This will warn the user if the location selected is inaccessible. (12.11)
  • In the Statements Manager, added a percentage sign to the appropriate Finance Charge fields for clarity.
  • Added a footer to the Insurance Write Off report indicating which date filter was used when generating the report.
  • Adjusted the behavior of the Portal Access tab in the Patients Ability. If the Patient Portal is not enabled on an office's license, this tab will not be present.
  • In 12.5, added some additional tracking to the History Report to capture when patients access their health information on the Patient Portal, and what items they interacted with.
  • Added the ability to import a pdf or image from a direct message directly into a patient's account in the Attachments/Images Ability. (12.11)
  • We've added an alert when dragging an Attachment in the Attachments/Images Ability to the Locked Patient Attachments node. (12.15)
  • In the Digital Radiography Ability, we've implemented a 300 file limit when importing images. You can upload more than this, but not in one attempt. (12.15)
  • In EHR, we've added a duplicate code warning in the Encounter Diagnoses section, to help catch if you may have accidentally added the same code twice.
  • The Search Ability in the toolbar has been removed.
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