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The Authentication Window is a new feature that was added to Gen 12 of MacPractice in builds 12.11.2 and up. It has also been added to the corresponding MacPractice iPad Apps. 

The Authentication Window is a privacy shield that will trigger if the user's authentication has expired. If the user's authentication expires, the device will display a login window with a message indicating that the user session has expired, and they will need to log back in with their MacPractice username and password to continue using MacPractice/MP Apps.

The Authentication Window will trigger if:

  • The connection to the server is lost (if a client device)
  • The device is put to sleep, or the user switches on the connecting device.

It is important to note that if you were in the middle of any unsaved work when this Authentication Window appears, you'll be taken back to where you were upon logging back in. If you did switch users on the device, any unsaved work will be lost.

In MacPractice, this is how the Authentication Window will appear, bearing a strong resemblance to a stripped down login screen.



On our iPad Apps, the Authentication Window will appear like so:


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