Verifying the Integrity of Your History Log

On occasion, when a user logs into MacPractice, the software will prompt the user asking if they would like to verify the integrity of the History Log. If you click the Verify button, MacPractice will perform an algorithmic check to verify that the Log has not been tampered with.

This prompt can trigger when logging in if a certain amount of time has passed since this check has been conducted and completed. For most MacPractice users, this check will happen automatically and invisibly in the background.

However, once the History Log has reached a certain size (5,000,000 rows) MacPractice will show the dialog box below. For most users who see this alert, this check will continue to run quickly, but offices with larger databases may find that it will take longer. For this reason, you may elect to skip the check to perform it at a later date.


In the vast majority of cases, no issues will be found, but your office will want to periodically allow the software to verify that the History Log has not been tampered with. If issues are detected, an alert will appear indicating the errors that were found. These alerts will only be displayed to the User if they have been assigned to a User Group with the privilege "Notified of Security Alerts" enabled. 

You can read more about Security Alerts here, and you can read more about User Group Privileges here.

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