How to Create New Export Preset "On the Fly"

As mentioned in our References - Exports Preset article, the ideal method to create Export Presets is on the fly, as this will ensure you are presented the options that are available with an exported list from a report.
First, you'll need to make sure you have the List available. To generate a List from a Report, navigate to the Reports Ability, select a Report which you would like to run that captures the list of patients you wish to pull more data from, and click the "Make List" button once you have generated that Report. 
It is important to note that Lists, once made, are retained until you choose to delete them. If you make lists frequently, it is very likely that your List Window will become cluttered with old Lists and you may want to consider deleting old Lists periodically.
To create a preset on the fly, you will need to click the Export button from the List window. If you don't see your list, you may need to use the drop down menu at the top to select your Current User.
This will bring up the Export Popup window. In the Presets click "New Preset".
First, enter a name for the preset. Make sure this name is easily identifiable for future purposes.

Now, you'll be able to select the list of information you wish to pull from (which is different from the generated List in the Lists Window! We know, it's complicated and confusing)
When generating on the fly in this manner and configuring an Export Preset you'll note that you're only presented options that are available for this generated list. This is why we recommend generating Export Presets on the fly, as you're guaranteed to set up an Export Preset that works for this List.
First, check the available List (or the desired List if there are multiple listed, but remember you can only choose one), then expand the node to review all the other pull fields you can pull from and include in the export. Check the pull fields you wish to pull into your export, in the order you wish to see the data displayed in the export. Once complete, click the Create button.
Once you create the Preset, you can then select it in the drop down menu.
You can also select the format of the exported file. You can choose CSV, Tab Delimited, or Pipe Delimited.
If you also want to include the Report data if the List was generated from a Report, make sure the "Include Report Data" checkbox is toggled on.
Once set, click the Export button. You'll be prompted to choose where to save the Export, as well as the file name. If you wish to convert the generated file into an Excel spreadsheet, simply rename the file's extension to .xls.
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