Reports - Appointment Charges

The Appointment Charges report tracks patient appointments whose start dates are within the set date range, and then checks that date for any matching charges with a procedure date of that day, along with patient payments tied to those charges.

The Appointment Charges report was introduced in MacPractice Build 12.15 and later.



As with many of our reports, you can configure your filters in the top half of the Appointment Charges window. 


  • Filter Appointment Status: Filters the report by the Status of the updated appointment.
  • Filter Appointment Types: Filters the report by the Appointment Type of the updated appointment.
  • Filter Appointment Resources: Filters the report by the Resource of the updated appointment.
  • Appt/Procedure Start Date/End Date: Allows you to set the date range for the report's results.
  • Patient Transaction Status: This toggle allows you to control whether patient appointments are included or excluded from the report if a charge is present on that same procedure day. 



  • Appt/Procedure Date: The Appt or Procedure Date in question.
  • # of Patients: The number of patients that fit the search criteria on this particular day. This pulls off of the procedure date.
  • Patients With Charges: The number of patients that already have a charge added on that procedure date.
  • Fee Total: The total Fee assessed for that procedure date.
  • Patient Payment Total: The total of all patient payments on that given day.
  • % Charged: The percentage of the number of patients WITH charges present for this appt/procedure date.
  • Patients Without Charges: Tracks the number of patients with no charges present. 

First Expansion


  • Patient Last, First: The Last and First Name of the Patient in question.
  • Patient #: The patient's account number in MacPractice.
  • Appointment (Status): The Time and Status of the Appointment(s) in question. 
  • Charged: This column will display Yes if there are charges present with the same procedure date as the appt date for this patient.
  • Fee Total: The total fees assessed for charges present on this date for the patient in question. 
  • Patient Payment: The amount of all patient payments on the day in question tied to this patient.

Second Expansion


  • Code: The Procedure Code for the charges in question for this patient.
  • Description: The description of the procedure code.
  • Fee: The Fee for the Procedure code.
  • Patient Payment: Any patient payments tied to this charge.


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