ePrescribe - EPCS Annual Payment

Prescribers pay for EPCS services on an annual basis to NewCrop/Exostar via PayPal/guest checkout with a debit or credit card. Prescribers are alerted for payment 30 days prior to the expiration date when a controlled substance is being transmitted. Payment information for all prescribers is shown on the Admin tab. Please see below for process to make payment.

Payment Information

1. A prescriber will see an alert 30 days prior to the payment expiration date. The link for payment is found within this alert:


2. To find payment information for ALL prescribers within a practice, click on the Admin Tab and then click on the “EPCS Subscription Payment (New/Renew)” link:


Making Payment

1. Clicking on either link above will take you to the payment page. Check to the box to the right of any prescribers that require payment and then click Calculate:


2. Click “Purchase” to proceed:


3. Click to transfer to the PayPal portal to make payment:


If there are any issues with payment, please copy this link and paste into a new tab in your browser. This link is found on the bottom of the payment page:


After payment is made, return to NewCrop. An emailed receipt will be sent to the email address used during payment.


Important Note: A provider's Exostar (EPCS) license renewal date and the NewCrop EPCS payment dates are not necessarily tied to each other.

NewCrop looks at the provider's Exostar license two weeks before it expires. If the provider is active and the payment is up-to-date, the license is renewed with no action required from the provider or MacPractice.

To view your EPCS renewal date, go to the Admin tab in ePrescribe and click the "Manage Your EPCS Account" link.

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