eClaim Reports Changes in 12.11

This article serves as a quick primer for the changes coming to MacPractice 12.11 in regards to our eClaims reports. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact MacPractice Support.

Reports can now be fetched automatically overnight!

As long as the MacPractice Server is running, eClaims reports will fetch overnight by default. 

This behavior can be disabled  by navigating to the MacPractice Menu > Preferences > Claims by unchecking the "Automatically Fetch ERA and eClaims Reports Overnight" checkbox.


Sending eClaims retrieves eClaim reports.
When you now send eClaims, reports are retrieved automatically at that time.

However, due to this change, the first time you send eClaims can take much longer if you have not retrieved reports recently. This slowdown will only occur the first time you send eClaims after this update.

There will be a new indicator at the bottom-middle of the MacPractice window that will appear when receiving eClaims Reports to notify the user that progress is being made.



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