Can I update to MacOS Big Sur?


Current Status: MacPractice Build 13.7.2 is fully compatible with macOS Big Sur! There are additional caveats if your office utilizes AutoRemind or TSYS. Read further for additional information.

Last Updated: September 17, 2021

What does this mean?

  • If you are wanting to run MacPractice on Big Sur, you'll need to update your MacPractice to Build 13.7.2. 
  • If you use AutoRemind, there are still some additional issues we're addressing in this build. Updating will cause an interruption with the AutoRemind integration. We will update this page with further information once these issues is resolved. Thanks for your patience!
  • If you use TSYS, you'll need to coordinate with TSYS to ensure no interruption to your TSYS payment processing features. Please contact and explain that you want to update to Build 13.7.2 and that you are currently using the TSYS Integration. We can assist you further.

I'm ready to update to MacOS Big Sur, but my office is currently running an older build of MacPractice! What can I do?

You can request to have a compatible build of MacPractice Gen 13 released to your office by contacting We'll need to confirm that your computers meet the System Requirements for Gen 13, which are listed on our website here.

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