The Patient Portal IP address is changing! Here's what you need to know

Due to an upcoming change with MacPractice's Internet Service Provider, there are important changes your office will be required to make in order for your MacPractice Server to stay in communication with the PHI Portal Host.

On or before February 1st, 2020, your office will need to update the firewall rules on your network to facilitate communication with our PHI Portal Server. The existing rules will cease to work on that date and your Patient Portal will stop working.

How do I resolve this problem?
If your router is configured to allow communication on Port 1234 from our PHI Portal Server, you will need to create a secondary rule to allow communication from on Port 1234 to forward to your MacPractice Server.

After February 1st, when the old IP address has been decommissioned, your office may delete your previous firewall rule as it will no longer be needed.

If your office has opted to configure their router to allow all communication on Port 1234 regardless of the source address, no change will be needed. However, you may want to consider making this change as a security measure to tighten access to your network.

Routers can vary in functionality, and not all routers on the market are capable of configuring multiple rules for specific IP Addresses/Ports. If your router is unable to have multiple rules for the same IP or Port, you will want to make these changes on February 1st to avoid an interruption of service.

Due to the unique setup of each office, MacPractice Support cannot assist with configuring your office's network. This information should be relayed to the person responsible for managing your network.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact MacPractice Support and we'll be happy to assist you.

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