USB Overdrive

USB Overdrive is a third-party shareware application for Mac that allows you to customize how various USB inputs are handled. In DR, this is used to enable the use of foot pedals with USB cameras, or to reassign the buttons on intraoral cameras to trigger the "Capture Image" keyboard shortcut in MacPractice.

USB Overdrive, being shareware, can be downloaded and used for free, but there will be some delays and messages regarding purchasing a license if the full version is never bought. It is a good idea to download and test USB Overdrive to see if it will work with the client, but if it does, you should encourage them to purchase it.

NOTE that MacPractice is not in any way affiliated with USB Overdrive, and does not support USB Overdrive issues. We do not receive any financial incentive for recommending it. It just happens to be a program that can be used to accomplish certain DR tasks, so we are able to help clients set it up if it can be useful for that purpose.

Download and Install USB Overdrive

USB Overdrive is available from its own website here. The application is bundled in a DMG file, so mount the DMG and then run the package installer within it.

You will need the local OS Admin password to install the application.

The application WILL require the computer to be rebooted before the software can be used.

Configuring USB Overdrive

  1. Ensure that the USB camera, foot pedal, or foot pad you are trying to configure is connected to the computer.
  2. Open MacPractice (or, if you are configuring for use with VideoGlide, open VideoGlide as well)
  3. Open Apple System Preferences>USB Overdrive
    • If you are using the trial version, you will need to wait 10 seconds for the countdown, then select "Register Later"
  4. From the drop-down, select "Any Gaming, Any Application"
  5. Go back to the drop-down, and select "New Duplicate Settings..."
  6. In this new dialog, select the following settings:
    • Device Type: Gaming
    • Application: MacPractice (or VideoGlide)
    • Device: (select the camera or pedal in question)
    • Location: Any Location
  7. Make sure "Enabled" is checked in the top right
  8. Press the button you want to program on the device you are trying to configure. If it has been properly detected by USB Overdrive, you will see that button get highlighted in the button list on the left side of the window
  9. With this button highlighted, select "Press Key" from the drop-down on the right side
  10. If you are configuring for MacPractice, click in the "Enter a key combination here" and press Command+Shift+J. If you are configuring for VideoGlide, press Command+[
  11. Test your button. With the live video feed open in VideoGlide, pressing the button should capture a snapshot. In MacPractice, pressing the button should open the camera view, and if the camera view is already open, it should take a picture.
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