I'm on MacPractice 12 and I'm on macOS Catalina! How do I start MacPractice?

These instructions are designed to assist you with getting MacPractice started. This article assumes that you have just updated to MacPractice 12.1.3 or greater, and your MacPractice Server computer is running macOS Catalina.

How do I start MacPractice?

Once you have installed or updated to MacPractice 12.1.3 or up on your Catalina computer, you'll see that a new file has been added to your desktop. It should look similar to this on the desktop. 

You will need to run this file every time you restart the server computer and want to start up MacPractice.



  1. Launch the command file displayed in the image above. Running this command will open up a Terminal window, and you will be prompted for two passwords: Your macOS user password, and then the MacPractice database security password. Have these ready on hand.
    MacPractice cannot assist you with locating the macOS user password, but in some situations we are able to locate your security password.
    The password prompts here in Terminal do not display entered characters, so it will show blank as you type in your password. This is expected. Simply press return when you have entered the password completely.
  2. Once you have entered your passwords, MacPractice and the MacPractice Server should launch successfully. 
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