MIPS 2020 Full Reporting

This article is intended for use in the MIPS reporting for year 2020, and is designed towards assisting you with achieving Full Reporting requirements for MIPS. By fully reporting, you can possibly gain up to 9% back on Medicare payments on top of avoiding the 9% deduction to your Medicare payments by minimally reporting.

You WILL need the 2015 Certified Build of MacPractice, currently MacPractice 11.17.17 or 12.11.2 and up in order to achieve Full Reporting.

This path works best if you are:

  • A practice of any size
  • You're willing to do more to try to get as much back on your Medicare Payments as possible.

You can check to see if a provider is participating by clicking on this link here, which will take you to CMS's Quality Payment Program (QPP) site. When you check a given NPI on this site, make sure you switch the tab for the 2020 year after searching for the valid NPI.



Quality Measures
Choose [6] Quality measures from this list. These measures can be previous measures you have used in the past, or new measures as long as the measures chosen fit your practice. **If you choose eCMS you will need to have 2015 CEHRT**

We have several reports that track Clinical Quality Measures available in MacPractice. If you need assistance in adding codes to your fee schedule please give us a call. Our Government Programs Specialist will be happy to assist you.

Add these codes to any Medicare Claim form. You should get an N620 code back on the EOB.

Improvement Activities 
You will need to choose either 1 high weighted or 2 medium weighted activities to report on. You can see this list here. You can continue to choose activities you've done before. 

Promoting Interoperability 
You will need to report to one measure per sub-category and two in the last sub category in this section. Categories within this section are:

  •  ePrescribe
    • ePrescribing
    • (Bonus and not required) Query of prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)
  • Health Information Exchange (Pick one)
    • Support Electronic Referral Loops by Sending Health Information Measure
    • Support Electronic Referral Loops by Receiving and Incorporating Health Information
  • Provider to Patient Exchange
    • Provide patients Electronic Access to their Health Information
  • Public Health and Clinical Fata Exchange (choose 2 in this category)
    • Immunization Registry Reporting
    • Electronic Case Reporting
    • Public Health Registry Reporting
    • Clinical Data Registry Reporting
    • Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

This requirement is addressed by CMS, as they will make the appropriate calculations determined by your Medicare claim submissions.

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