Medicaid Promoting Interoperability 2019 Basic Information

This article seeks to describe the requirements for meeting the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability requirements for 2019. This program was previously referred to as Meaningful Use Stage 3 in prior years, so if you're looking to qualify for "Meaningful Use Stage 3" for Medicaid in 2019, you've found the right place.

The information in this article is a summarized version of the information contained on Click here to review the 2019 Program Requirements for Medicaid.

You can also review the Objectives and Measures PDF provided by CMS here.

Finally, here is a fact sheet for the Promoting Interoperability 2019 program. We strongly recommend you read this fact sheet.

Reporting Periods and Requirements

Medicaid EPs (Eligible Providers) have different reporting periods depending on if they are Returning Participants or first-time participants.

  • Returning participants must report on a one year eCQM reporting period.
  • First-time participants must report on a 90-day eCQM reporting period.

All EPs, whether they are Returning or First-Time, are required to report on any six eCQMs related to their scope of practice.

In addition, Medicaid EPs are required to report on at least one outcome measure. If no outcome measures are relevant to that EP, they must report on at least one high-priority measure. If there are no outcome or high priority measures relevant to an EP’s scope of practice, they must report on any six relevant measures.

Changes to 2019
The 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) Final Rule made changes to the previously established Stage 3 Objectives and Measures. These changes are:
  • The threshold for Stage 3 Objective 6, Measure 1 (View, Download, Transmit) and Measure 2 (Secure Messaging) was set at five percent for the remainder of the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program.
  • In addition, the requirement that only EPs in urgent care settings can use the Syndromic Surveillance measure to meet the Objective 8 (Public Health) was removed.
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