DR And Imaging - Archiving, deleting, and retrieving Images/visits

This article covers the options available for deleting, archiving, and retrieving images in the Digital Radiography and Imaging Ability.

It is important to note that in builds prior to MacPractice Gen 11, images were simply deleted and cannot be retrieved. You can check this article on information that may assist you in retrieving images that were recently deleted.

Archiving/Deleting Images
If you're looking to remove an image that was added to a visit layout, you can simply right click/control-click on the image in either the thumbnail view or the layout itself, and then select either "Archive", or "Archive All Images". In builds of MacPractice prior to 11, these options are replaced with "Delete" and "Delete All Images".


You can also opt to archive  the entire Visit by selecting the visit and then clicking the Red Minus in the Visit Sidebar.

Retrieving an Archived Image/Visit
Have you archived an image or visit that you later realize you need? In Gen 11, you can simply navigate to the File Menu and select "Retrieve Archived". In the expanded menu, select "Digital Radiography Visits".


In the subsequent window, you can select which visits you would like to retrieve. If you only wish to unarchive a single image in a visit, you can click the triangle icon on the left side of the window to expand the visit to see the individually archived images. Simply click the checkboxes of the items you'd like to retrieve, and then click the "Unarchive" button. You can also click the "View Image" button if you wish to preview the image before unarchiving.




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