Can I update to macOS Catalina?


Is MacPractice compatible with macOS Catalina?

Currently yes as of 1/21/2020! Some caveats remain. Please read below:

We're proud to announce that our 12.1.3 build of MacPractice is now compatible with macOS Catalina!

There are still a few issues that you should be aware of. First, if you are going to run MacPractice 12.1.3 on macOS Catalina, please refer to this article for special instructions on how to start and restart the MacPractice Server Computer.

Keep in mind that before updating to Catalina that some older models of Macs will not be able to run macOS Catalina. Please consult with Apple Support to determine whether macOS Catalina is right for your hardware.

Issues with Planmeca devices, or the Romexis and DTX Bridges are resolved as of 12.1.6. If this build is not available to you, please contact MacPractice Support for more information.

AuthPayX is currently not compatible with MacPractice Build 12.1.3 and up. We will update you if this changes.

Interested in updating? Have some questions or concerns? Please contact MacPractice Support for any assistance! We're happy to help!



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