How do I find a Missing or Deleted Payment?

I'm missing a payment; how do I track it down?

1. Search the Account Ledger
If it's a payment on a family account, it could be applied to just a single family member. Check the Account Ledger. 

2. Use the Trace Payment Manager
In Managers Ability, select Trace Payment and enter the information known about the payment.

It's still missing! How do I see if it's been deleted? 

3. Use the History Report 
This report is in the Reports ability under the Management folder. If you believe a specific user deleted or modified the payment, search by that user or the IP address that applies.

If the user is unknown, you can also search for the actions "Updated" or "Deleted From" in the tables "Ledger" and "Payment". This report works best when selecting a date range along with the actions. 
Here is an example of a deleted payment and a payment with the amount changed. 

4. Use the Accounting Ability
You can use the Accounting Ability in Generation 10 and up to search for a record. If you know the specific record number, search by that and see the entire history. You can also simply search a patient's history. 

Using the updated payment from the last example, I searched by the record number and can now see the entire payment history. 

5. Use the Ledger Audit Trail 
You can use the Ledger Audit Trail in MacPractice 7.3 and below. This is located in the Managers Ability.

Use Ledger Activities to search by a User, and Account, or both.
Use Ledger Db Audit to search for a User, Account, Action, or Table, similar to the History report. 

The Ledger History is the most commonly used auditing tool; if you know the patient account where the payment is missing from, this let's you see the ledger snapshot before and after each action taken. 

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