ePrescribe - Drug Sets / Compounds

Drug Sets/Compounds
Use the new Drug Set/Compound feature to create these types of medications. Drug Sets / Compounds are first created in ePrescribe and can then be prescribed as a set to any patient.

Creating a Drug Set

To create a Drug Set, click on the Drug Sets/Compounds button.

This will reveal the Build Drug Set/Compounds List link, which is then clicked to add the new Drug Set/Compound to the List of all Drug Sets/Compounds.

Click Add Additional drug set to add the new Drug Set to the list.

Add the name of the Compound to create and click Add Drug Set.

Next, click the Select link next to the newly created drug set.

Click the Add New Drug button to search for the first drug to add to the newly created Drug Set.

Enter the name of the drug within the Enter Drug Name field and click the Search button. Select the correct drug from the resulting list.

Type in the ingredients that need to be added in the Pharmacist message and the instructions in the Additional Sig line this will automatically add to the other medications when you add them, click Save Rx.

Repeat these steps to add all the medications to this Drug Set. Once each drug has been added, click on the Compose Rx tab followed by the Drug Set/Compound button to select the newly created drug set.

Click the Prescribe All button to prescribe this Drug Set.

All of these medications have now been placed InProc or Pending and are ready to be sent to the pharmacy.

Once a Drug Set has been created, it can be prescribed in the same manner to any patient. This is a location specific list and available to all providers within the account.


Creating a Compound

To create a compound, click on Drug Sets/Compounds.

Click on Build Drug Set/Compound List.

Click on Add additional drug set, add the desired name of your compound, then click Add Drug Set.

Click on Select, then click Create Free-form Compound Drug.

Add the ingredients to the top line. The amounts are included here as well. However, that information could also go in the Pharmacist Message (third line) instead if desired.

Be sure to include strengths and forms of each medication, so the pharmacy has all the necessary information. Enter the directions for the patient in the second line, Additional Sig. Lastly, enter the quantity, units of measurement, and refills desired, then click Save. (Fields marked with an asterisk are required).

You will see this window, which means the compound is now saved to your list.

If you wish to prescribe this compound for a patient, bring up the patient in One Mode and click on Compose Rx. Click on Drug Sets/Compounds to bring up your list, then click Select.

Check the box next to the compound, then click Prescribe.

The compound is now in the Pending Rx section and can be transmitted/prescribed as normal.

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