ePrescribe - Electronic Renewal Requests

Processing Renewal Requests
Electronic renewal requests will not be received until five successful outgoing electronic prescriptions have been sent. After this, SureScripts will notify participating pharmacies that your office can accept electronic renewals. SureScripts also monitors the renewal response time. If the response time is consistently greater than 48 hours, not including weekends and holidays, SureScripts will remove the electronic renewal request capability.

Access the renewal requests from the sidebar in MacPractice. Click on ePrescribe and twist down the menu to see "Renewal Requests."

When renewal requests are received, the list will be populated here. Renewal requests that are highlighted in yellow are not yet tied to a patient, while those highlighted in green are already tied to a patient. Requests are received from the pharmacies in a text format and will need to be associated to a patient in the MacPractice/NewCrop database. Click on the "Select Patient" button of a renewal request to search for a patient within MacPractice.

If the renewal request was routed in error, click the "Deny" button.

Select a required denial reason before sending it back to the pharmacy. If an appropriate message is not in the list, type one in the "Message to pharmacist" field.

If this is a valid renewal request to approve, select a patient and click the "Approve" button. The prompt will ask if you are sure you wish to continue. Click Approve to continue, or Cancel to return to the previous screen.

The PharmCom Drug selection page will appear for any approved renewal request, with specific information on the renewal (Note Picture: 1). Some requests will come as text without a drug ID. Select a drug from the NewCrop database and select the matching drug and formulation from the list. If the pharmacy sends the drug ID, the system will make a drug match. Select the appropriate drug and it will be placed at the top of the screen, similar to creating new prescriptions from the compose page. (Note Picture: 2)

The only change you will be able to make is the number of refills. (Note Picture: 3)

Click the "Accept" button to transmit the renewal response to the pharmacy. (Note Picture: 4)

To make changes to the drug strength, dosage or dosage frequency, use the "Deny and Rewrite" option. (Note Picture: 5) Choose a different drug or change the drug signature and the new drug will be listed at the top of the screen. Click the "Accept New Prescription" button to accept the changes.

To locate a history of electronic renewals processed per patient, click on the checkbox next to "Pharmacy Communication" on the Compose Rx screen. This will display a history of electronic renewal requests for the selected patient.


To see a global history of processed electronic renewals, visit the Pharmacy Communication Log on the Admin page. If a prescription is denied, particularly for an incorrect patient, a record of the transaction will only appear here. Approved prescriptions are added to the patient Current Medication List.

To access the Pharmacy Communication Log, click on the Admin tab and click the Pharmacy Communications Log link on the left of the page to access the Patient PharmCom Log page.ePrescribe-PharmCom_Log.jpg

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