ePrescribe - Select Dr./Staff / Admin / Extra Features

This page will address the Select Dr. Staff and Admin tabs within the ePrescribe Ability, as well as additional features not designated to a specific tab. Features that can be accessed by these tabs are as follows:

  • Pharm: Failed Rx: Pend:
  • Renewal Requests
  • Managing Pharmacy Lists
  • Prescribe Report
  • Pharmacy Communication Log
  • Adding X DEA
  • Account Settings
  • The Medical Letter
  • PDMP / Appriss

Select Dr./Staff
This tab allows a user who is not a doctor to designate which doctor, midlevel or staff personnel should be assigned to a prescription.

The Admin Tab is where the preferences within ePrescribe are set. There are also various prescribing reports located under this tab.

Note: Doctor/Mid Level users may have different preferences than Nurse/Clerical Staff users.


Pharm: Failed Rx: Pend:
At the top of the New Crop page is the Status Bar. This appears as 'Pharm: Fax: Pend:'. Clicking on the Status Bar from any NewCrop view will bring the user to the Status Page.



  • Pharm:  shows the number of renewal requests. These are also known as PharmCom or pharmacy communications. To see the pending pharmacy renewal requests, twist down the arrow next to the ePrescribe node and click on Renewal Requests in the sidebar.


  • Failed Rx: shows the number of failed fax transmissions. Click on the status bar to access the status page. All failed faxes are displayed. Return to the patient account to resend the fax or verify the pharmacy fax number.


To see why a fax failed, return to the patient's Compose Rx page and click on the Spyglass icon. This will display the drug detail and history page. To re-transmit a failed fax, click the ReTransmit Batch button. Alternatively, click the RePrint Batch button to print a paper Rx instead.


  • Pend: will display any prescriptions that have not been transmitted. Click the Pharm: Fax: Pend: status bar to view a list of pending prescriptions.

The All Doctor Review List at the bottom of the status page shows pending medications for all doctors.


Renewal Requests

Access the renewal requests from the sidebar in MacPractice. Click on ePrescribe and twist down the menu to see "Renewal Requests." This allows the user to view any renewal requests that were electronically submitted by the pharmacy. The scripts can be easily approved or denied from this window. 

For further instruction on the usage of Renewal Requests, click here.


Managing Pharmacy Lists
Create a list of commonly used pharmacies in the Admin page by clicking on Location Pharmacy List. Previously entered pharmacies are managed here.


To add a pharmacy navigate to Admin > Location Pharmacy List. At the top of the screen a search window will appear that allows the user to search using various criteria. For best results use the full zip code or only the best 2 search criteria. This is because using too many search criteria can severely limit the results that come in, and using too few will yield more results than is desired.


After searching for the desired pharmacy, select Search All Pharmacies. The search results will appear below. Select the checkboxes next to each desired pharmacy that needs to be added. Once all desired pharmacies are selected, select Add Checked Pharmacies


To remove a seldom used pharmacy, check the box in the delete column and click the Delete Unneeded Pharmacies button. 



Prescriber Report
The Prescriber Report provides a printable log of all Rx authorized by a doctor. This report can be accessed by going to Admin > Prescriber Report


To run the report, select the doctor from the drop-down list. Next, select a date range for the report by clicking on the calendar days. For a one-day report, click the same day on both calendars. For sequential reports, note the date of last report. Use this date to generate a new report using the ending date of the previous report as a start date.

Click the Printer Friendly link to display and print the report.


Sample Report:


Pharmacy Communication Log

The Pharmacy Communications Log provides a printable log of all pharmacy communications, more specifically renewal requests. This report can be accessed by going to Admin > Pharmacy Communications Log. 


To run the report, select the doctor from the drop-down list. Next, select a date range for the report by clicking on the calendar days. For a one-day report, click the same day on both calendars. For sequential reports, note the date of last report. Use this date to generate a new report using the ending date of the previous report as a start date.

Click the Run PharmCom Report link to display and print the report.



Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

NewCrop has partnered with ExoStar to give providers the option to prescribe schedule II - V scripts electronically. The links under Admin > EPCS are used once a provider is enrolled for the EPCS services. For further information on this service please click here.


Adding X DEA
A provider has two options for sending an alternate DEA number on scripts but it will depend on if they want to send both of their DEA numbers or just the X DEA number. If they want to switch between them, they can add their second DEA number in eRx's Admin tab, then X DEA Information.


Here you can add additional X DEA for the provider.


Once this is saved, when the provider prescribes out a controlled substance there will be a DEA drop down selector in the transmit screen that let's the select which to send under.
Note: This will not appear for paper print outs.



Account Settings

NewCrop has a variety of different settings and preferences to use depending on the individual needs of an office. These include drug review options, search result criteria, additional content (such as advertisements/coupons), and patient contact details. 

In addition to provider level settings, there are settings that any authorized ePrescribe user can edit. There is also a way to copy a Doctor's List from one provider to another, so that they can be shared.

Note: Each office should go through and set these settings so that they are tailored for their specific needs.

Screen_Shot_2019-02-26_at_11.07.54_AM.png Screen_Shot_2019-02-26_at_11.08.11_AM.png


The Medical Letter

The Medical Letter is an optional paid addition to ePrescribe. This is a yearly subscription that will give providers information on drugs and therapeutics. This can be accessed at the bottom of the ePrescribe window in ANY tab. If the office wishes to subscribe to the letter there is a link to a payment portal. Follow any on-screen instructions for usage.

Note: There are not refunds offered for this service.


PDMP / Appriss

NewCrop has integrated PDMP (Prescription drug monitoring programs) into the ePrescribe Ability with Appriss. At the bottom of the ePrescribe interface there are two links. One will be specific to the state that the office is prescribing from. Example: NE PDMP is what shows for ePrescribe from the MacPractice Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. Clicking this link will redirect the user to the website of the state specific program being used.

The PDMP Automated link will direct users to the page below. Follow the onscreen instructions for how to get started with Appriss and how to login once finished.

Note: Not all states are covered. Be sure to view the map to verify the prescribing state is listed.



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