TouchMD Integration

New in 10.7.14 and all builds of 11, MacPractice now integrates with TouchMD. TouchMD is a visual consultation, marketing and imaging software focused on touch screen technology. The functionality of the TouchMD Integration is simple and requires no additional workload for your practice, but will require a few adjustments to the required fields when entering patient demographics.

Setting up TouchMD Integration
TouchMD Integration is a paid feature. To purchase this item, please contact MacPractice Sales.

When your office purchases TouchMD, they will provide a TouchMD Authentication key, that can be used to interface with the TouchMD software from MacPractice. In order for the TouchMD Integration to properly work, this Authentication key must be given to MacPractice Accounting.

When MacPractice Accounting receives this key, they will apply it to your MacPractice license, which enables the TouchMD integration. This will allow MacPractice to begin uploading information securely to TouchMD.

Using the TouchMD Integration
The TouchMD integration is designed to function with no input from the user. Essentially, whenever a Patient record in the Patients Ability is saved, their basic information is exported over to TouchMD. If the patient doesn't exist in TouchMD, a patient record will be created on that platform. If they do exist in TouchMD, their information will be updated to reflect the updated information. Information is transmitted when you save a patient record.

When TouchMD is active on your MacPractice license, the E-Mail and Date of Birth fields become required fields when saving patient information. These fields are required by TouchMD.

Currently, the TouchMD integration does not transmit any other information other than patient demographics from MacPractice. If you attempt to save patient data without completing these fields, you'll be given an alert explaining that TouchMD requires these fields.

You can locate the integration link information in the TouchMD Portal under "Integration Links". This will include the Patient ID number and other associated information.

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