Insurance Report - Insurance Write-Off (Gen 10+)

The Insurance Write-Off Report lists write-offs which have been associated with ledger charges.

In earlier versions of MacPractice, this report ran off the date of the write-off but in Gen 10 it runs off the date of the insurance payment the write-off is associated to. If you would like to view the write-offs that were posted on payments based on the date they were entered, you can run the Insurance Receipts by Procedure Report.

This documentations contains the following sections:


  • Providers: Filters the report based on the provider listed on the charges that the write offs are associated with.
  • Offices: Filters the report based on the office listed on the Insurance claim.
  • Insurances: Filters the report based on specific Insurances as listed in the Insurance Companies Reference.
  • Charge Procedure Start/End Date: Filters the report based on a date range using the associated charge's procedure date.


  • Patient Last, First: Lists the first and last name of the patient associated to each write-off.
  • Insurance Company: List the Insurance company associated to each write-off.
  • Procedure: Lists the procedure associated to the write-off.
  • Posted Date: Lists the date in which the write-off was posted.
  • Write-Off Amount: Lists the amount of the write-off posted.
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