MacPractice won't install on OS Mojave! What's going on?

This article seeks to explain an issue that can be experienced when installing MacPractice.

If you're on macOS Mojave and installing the MacPractice server application on a computer, you may experience this error. 


This error can arise due to a permissions issue regarding OS Mojave's security settings. Essentially, what is happening in this scenario is that during the installation process, this security prompt may appear:


This prompt has an invisible timer behind it that expires, and if this prompt expires or if the user clicks "Don't allow", this will prevent MacPractice from fully installing. Furthermore, it will leave a remnant of an installation present that is incomplete and won't run. It is important when installing to accept any permissions prompts like the one shown above, and to keep a close eye on the installer.

In order to correct this issue, you'll need to run the Uninstaller, which requires MacPractice Support's intervention, as running the uninstaller can clear any existing backups. You can contact MacPractice Support at (877) 220-8418. We'll contact you back ASAP and assist your office with running the Uninstaller and reinstalling MacPractice.



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