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New in 10.7.15+, we've added the functionality to print off a Payment Receipt from the Ledger of the Patients Ability. This option is located in the Print Menu.


Setting a default Payment Receipt Form
Before you are able to print a Payment Receipt from the Print Menu, you'll first need to ensure that a  default Payment Receipt form is set in Preferences. You can find this by navigating to the MacPractice Menu and selecting Preferences. In the Preferences Window, select the Forms category. From there, you can locate the Payment Receipts Form drop down button.


Payment Receipt Preferences
You may also want to refer to and adjust additional Preferences as well. Within the Forms category of the Preferences window, there is a new Billing Settings tab, which contains a sub-section for Receipts.


There are two preferences that could impact Payment Receipts:

  • Include Payment Applied Transaction Breakdown: This option controls whether the "Payment Breakdown" table is included in the Payment Receipt. This Payment Breakdown Table displays what transactions are connected to the payments included in the payment receipt range, if they were applied correctly. The table looks like this:

  • Print Payment Date By: This option allows you to adjust whether payments are listed with their Posted Date or their Procedure Date. It is important to note that the Breakdown section will always print charges by their procedure date regardless of this setting.

Printing a Payment Receipt
You can print a Payment Receipt from the Print Menu in the Ledger.

Functionally, the Payment Receipt option works very similarly to printing a statement. You can either opt to print by selecting all items to be included in the ledger receipt, or if you select Payment Receipt without ledger items selected, you can choose a date range of items to be included. This option filters by the Posted Date of the items in questions.

Alternately, you can simply leave the date range blank in order to print all appropriate items in the patient's ledger.

Regardless of how you print a Payment Receipt, the act of printing a receipt will add a line item to the ledger titled Payment Receipt. This line item will generate as long as the Account in question has an Account Provider and an Office set in the Account tab.


A Payment Receipt will contain these items, provided they belong in the chosen date range:

  • All payments made to the account in question, including their payment #s
  • Refunds or Reversed Payments made to the account in question
  • If the "Include Payment Applied Transaction Breakdown" preference is enabled in Preferences > Forms > Billing Settings tab, a separate table will references the charges that have any applied portions of included payments.
  • If multiple patients on an account are included, the payment breakdown will be split into multiple pages with breakdowns for each patient.



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