Adding a CLIA Number on eClaims

The following conditions must be met in order for the CLIA number to pull onto an eClaim created in MacPractice: 

  1. The CLIA number must be added in the appropriate user reference.
  2. There must be a lab added on a charge included on the eClaim. 
  3. The lab indicator check box must be checked in the eClaims details.

 Adding a CLIA number in MacPractice


  1. Go to References > Users > Select the user
  2. From within the user's reference select Provider > Claim Credentials > CLIA

CLIA Numbers are added on the user reference that the office is using in the new charge window for "Provider Shown on Claim".

NOTE: A facility must not be entered on the same charge that requires the lab. If both are entered onto the same charge/set of charges, the lab reference will override the facility reference, as only a lab or a facility can be on an eClaim, not both.

Adding a Lab on a Charge in MacPractice

Note: Labs can be added either directly from the new charge > Lab window or under References > Laboratories. 

  1. Select the charge on the patient's ledger that requires a lab/CLIA number. Select the green (+) sign in order to add a new lab record. 
  2. Choose the appropriate lab from the laboratory list if it is already added in the system. Otherwise, add a brand new lab record if you are unable to find the correct lab. (Note: NPI numbers should be added in each lab record.)
  3. Once the Lab is selected please click "Save". The Lab should now show in the new charge window Lab field. 

Facilities and Labs

Please be aware that a facility and a lab normally can not be included on the same charge as the lab will override the facility when sending on the eClaim and will not allow the CLIA number to pull properly. 

However, there is a Preference, located in Preferences > Ledger > New Charges Tab, called "A Charge Can Only Have Either a Facility or a Lab, but not both". This Preference, if checked, will allow Labs to be used in the place of a Facility when using certain Places of Service.


Lab Indicator and CLIA number

The "Lab Indicator" checkbox will be automatically checked in the claim details window in the eClaims ability as long as the conditions above have all been met. To view this please go to eClaims > Select the claim in question > Procedure drop down > "Lab Indicator". 

While still in the eClaims ability you can check to make sure that the CLIA number is pulling correctly. This can be found under the Provider drop down > CLIA Number.

(Note: If the Lab Indicator and/or CLIA number fields are not showing properly please make sure that all previous conditions have been met.)


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