What happens when my MacPractice license expires?

As offices decide to end the use of our software for various reasons, MacPractice offers several options once you allow your support contract with us to expire. This article covers what will happen if your MacPractice license lapses, and what you'll still be able to access. If you ever have any questions regarding this topic, don't hesitate to contact MacPractice Support.

Free Six Month Read Only Access
Starting the day that your MacPractice support expires, your license will move into a Read Only state for six months. In Read Only, you will be able to log in and view/print existing data. However, you will be unable to add to or edit most existing data. This six month time frame allows most MacPractice users to export, save, and/or print anything they may need to either convert to another software or retain records for the (HIPAA required) six year time frame. Below are some details on exactly what you’re able to do and not do when your license is in a Read Only state. 

What you CAN do in Read Only


  • Can view completed form narratives


  • Can view completed form narratives


  • View Transactions and Treatments
  • Add new comments to the ledger
  • Create a new Negative Adjustment or a Positive Adjustment and open or edit existing Adjustments
  • Export the ledger to Excel
  • Choose any option in the Print menu OTHER than Create Insurance Claim
  • View and print existing claims, including eClaims in the eClaim ability if the eClaim ability is turned on
  • Open and view existing insurance or patient payments
  • Print statements, encounter forms, treatment plans, patient chart, and clinical notes


  • Run and print all reports


  • View and print all EMR forms, EHR forms, and Notes 


  • Open and save all attachments individually 

What you CAN’T do in Read Only
You are unable to create new information in MacPractice including new patients, appointments, forms or notes of any kind, attachments, charges, payments, claims, clinical summaries, messages, prescriptions, or orders of any kind.

In the EDR/EMR Ability and the EHR Ability, you will only be able to view the narrative of completed patient forms, but be unable to make any changes to the form layouts or view the Form View of the completed form. Therefore, it is very important that you ensure that your form narratives are exactly how you want them prior to making the transition to a Read Only license.

What happens after six months?
After the free six month Read Only time frame ends, you will be unable to access MacPractice UNLESS you purchase a Read Only License. A Read Only License will allow you to access MacPractice just as you did in Read Only for as long as you need. (Remember that you’ll still need to retain your MacPractice server on an Apple operating system version that is compatible with the version of MacPractice that you have installed.) For options and costs associated with a Read Only License, you can reach out to our Accounting team at any time via phone at (877)-220-8418 or email at

Can I export or convert my data to another software?
A lot of MacPractice data can be exported using our No Cost Export Options. If that is not sufficient for what you are trying to accomplish, MacPractice has a Conversions team that works to convert MacPractice data into formats that can be imported into other software. This typically includes things like ledger history, attachments, EHR forms, and Digital Radiography images, however it will differ with each conversion. Every conversion is a unique process depending on the data you wish to extract from MacPractice and the software that you wish to convert it to. For information on beginning a data conversion, you can reach out to our support team at (877)-220-8418.


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