CE Zoom & MacPractice Academy Credits

How to Use CE Zoom for MacPractice Academy Continuing Education Credits
The MacPractice Academy Track for Dental Clinicians is available as a CE course. You are not required to take it for continuing education credits; you're welcome to attend it on it's own. If you would like to receive the credits, you must follow the steps below to receive your certificate. 

1. Prior to CE Registration, sign up on HelpDesk
Register for the Academy track on the MacPractice HelpDesk to ensure that your spot is reserved. The academy courses do have a limited number of registrations available per session. 

2. Find the Academy Tracks
Follow the link you will be emailed to view the Academy series on CE Zoom.

3. Click Register or Log In
You will be taken to a page to sign in or create an account. If you have an account, sign in. Otherwise, click Register as a Professional.

4. If Registering, Set Up Your Account
Enter your personal, license, and account information. Items with a red asterisk are required. If you are not sure what to enter for the license type, you may choose Other or contact CE Zoom for assistance. 

5. Register for Courses
On the Academy Track, scroll to the bottom where all of the available sessions are listed, and register for the ones which you will attend. If you cannot find the track, either use your original link or simply go to Conference Search in the sidebar and search for MacPractice.


You may receive an alert that your course was added to the CE Zoom account and a reminder that you should also register on the HelpDesk to get the GoToMeeting information. 

6. Attend the Sessions
Keep an eye out for email reminders with your GoToMeeting information to view the presentation and join the call.
- During the presentation, your trainer will ask for your participation to show that you were in attendance. 
- At the end of the presentation, the trainer will provide a verification code for you to use. 

7. Verify Attendance 
Go to CE Zoom, log in to your account, and click the Verification button on the course you attended.You may find this in your dashboard, or you can search for the courses under the Conference Search. 

When you hit the Verification button, you'll be presented with a window where you should enter that verification code. 

The trainer will also go in and confirm your attendance in the class.

9. Take the Survey
You will also be asked to complete a survey.

10. Print/Save Certificates
Once the survey is completed and the trainer has confirmed your attendance, your certificate will appear in your account. Select Records > Manage CEs in the sidebar to view and print certificates. 

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