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In the interests of continuing to improve how our clients receive updates regularly, we're making a few gradual changes to streamline the updating process. Now, with the MacPractice Update Manager, you'll never have to worry about a RefCon update again! 

Currently, the Update Manager is designed to simply keep your RefCon up to date. In the future, the Update Manager will handle all MacPractice updates, but this functionality is not complete yet. In the meantime, this is the delivery mechanism that will handle RefCon updates for you.

Downloading and Installing the Update Manager
The Update Manager is intended to work with the MacPractice Server. You'll need to install the Update Manager on the Server Computer.

The Update Manager is available at the MacPractice Download site. You'll need your e-mail account and password in order to access the Download Site. If you need assistance, please contact MacPractice Support.

When you click the download link, the Update Manager package will start downloading into your Downloads folder. It'll look like this:


You'll likely need to right-click the package and use the Open With option. From there, choose the "Installer" option.


Next you'll see a warning indicating that this package is from an "unidentified provider". This is safe to open. Click the Open button.


You'll see the introduction screen for the installer. Click Continue when ready.


This screen tells you how much space will be used by the Update Manager. If you need to change the Install Location, you can click the "Change Install Location..." button. For the majority of users, you won't need to do this.
Click the "Install" button when ready.


You'll then receive a notice that the installation requires a restart. Make sure that all files you're working on have been saved before continuing on!



The installation will then complete. After the restart, the Update Manager can be manually launched from the Applications folder in Finder.


Running the Update Manager
When the Update Manager is installed, it will simply run in the background and notify you when an update is available. 


The Update Manager itself is split into three tabs: Updates, Additional Resources, and Account Information.

Update Tab


The Update Tab will be the primary location to review all update information. You'll be able to see what updates are available, which have already been downloaded and pending installation, as well as information on each item.

The Reload button is used to refresh the Update Manager window to confirm whether an update has been downloaded and is ready to install, or still requires downloading. This typically only comes into play if the update package has been moved from the Update Manager's Downloads folder. This Downloads folder is located at /Library/MacPracticeServer/Downloads.

To download any updates that are ready to be downloaded, you can either click the "Download" button by the update, or you can click the "Download All" button to download all available updates. A progress bar will display the download status.
Alternatively, you can check the "Download Updates Automatically" if you don't want to manage your downloads manually. You'll still need to start the installation yourself once downloaded.



Once an update is downloaded, that update will appear in the upper half of the window, with version and date data. By the "Update Now" button, you'll see any instructions required for an update. In this case, the Reference Concept Database requires that the MacPractice Server is restarted after the update is complete, and that all users will need to be logged out.

Be sure to follow all instructions before clicking the "Update Now" button.


The gear icon in the upper right of the Updates Tab allows you to adjust how frequently reminders will be triggered, and you can also manually check for updates.


Additional Resources Tab


The Additional Resources Tab provides links to all of MacPractice's services.

  • The HelpDesk is our documentation repository, filled with guides, videos, and articles discussing practically every aspect of the software. If you want to learn more about the software, the HelpDesk is the first place you should visit.
  • MacPractice Bulletins contains announcements and important information. We try to have all essential information regarding MacPractice uploaded to this page in the mornings, so keep an eye on this page!
  • MacPractice Products and Services contains information on all of the additional services MacPractice has to offer!
  • MacPractice Business Services is the home for our team of experienced billers that can assist  your practice with short or long term billing service needs. Check their site for more info!
  • And finally, we have a link to our MacPractice site. 

Account Information Tab


The Account Information Tab contains some basic information regarding your MacPractice License and any Office References currently active on your account.

If any of this information is incorrect, please contact the MacPractice Accounting Department.


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