Commonly Used Database Utilities

Database Utilities are powerful tools that allow you to make sweeping changes and updates to your entire MacPractice database with a few simple clicks. They can be very useful for maintenance tasks or when you need to make changes to many accounts to improve your office's workflow. 

This article will cover some of the most common database utilities used by our offices. 

Warning: Before running any Database Utility, you should always ensure the following:

  1. You should always make sure you have a current backup.
  2. You should make sure that no one is currently logged into MacPractice and currently working. 

Move Patient To Another Account: Used to either combine patients into a family account or separate individuals onto their own account if they were previously part of a family Account.

Update Patient Provider: Used to update the provider tab of the patient ability on the Patient tab. Typically used when a provider is leaving the practice and it is necessary to migrate all patients over to a different provider.

Update Account Provider: Used to update the account provider on the Account tab of the Patient Ability. Typically used for migrating patients over from one provider to another.

Update Signature on File: Checks or unchecks the "Signature on File" checkbox in the Primary tab of the Patient Ability for all patients in your database.

Update Release of Info: Checks or unchecks the "Release of Info (box 36)" checkbox in the Primary tab of the Patient Ability for all patients in your database.

Update Account Statement Status: This utility updates the "Where To Send Statements" and the "Monthly Statement Options" fields, located in the Account Tab of the Patient Ability. This is normally used to set the standard for when statements are sent, and which address should be used by default for all accounts.

Set Zero Balance Claims to Paid/Closed: This utility changes the status of claims that have a balance of 0.00 to a status of Paid/Closed. Typically ran monthly to clean up Insurance A/R.

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