Recalls & Follow Ups 4 - Scheduling From the Patient Tab


Recalls and Follow-Ups are built into the MacPractice System to help track when a patient should be returning to the office. The titles Recall and Follow-up are used to label the same feature within MacPractice. Medical offices will use the term Follow-up while dental offices will use the term Recall. This video series will use the term Recall but can the information will be the same for both dental and medical offices.

Scheduling a Recall can be completed from the patient tab within MacPractice. Watch the Creating Recall Videos to learn how to create the Recall record.

A Recall record will contain a few dates within this sub-tab. The last visit date will automatically display the date that the Recall was created. This date can be changed manually if needed. The frequency is also pulled from the Recall Reference within MacPractice. Notice that this field can be changed on the fly for this particular patient’s account.

The Recall Date will do the math and show you the earliest date that the Recall can be scheduled. This date cannot be adjusted. Change the next visit date If there is a reason that the patient should come in later then the Recall date. Once the Recall has been scheduled, the appointment date and the resource will automatically pull into the Recall.

To schedule a Recall from the patient tab, hold down the option key and double click on the Recall. Notice that these instructions are written in MacPractice to remind you of the workflow. MacPractice will automatically take you to the Next Visit date within the Scheduling ability. Simply click and drag to make the appointment for the patient. You can use the small calendar in the sidebar to move to a different date if needed. Notice that once the appointment has been made, it will be outlined in green to symbolize that it is a Recall appointment.

An appointment can be tied to a Recall in the patient tab by right clicking on the appointment and using the set appointment menu. This will show all the future appointments that are scheduled for the patient. Once an appointment has been selected, the Recall will change to green.

Macpractice will change the Recall to red if the Recall is scheduled before the predetermined Recall date. This is a warning to make sure that the patient will be covered by their insurance carrier.


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