Recalls & Follow Ups 3 - Creating Recalls in the Ledger Tab


Recalls and Follow-Ups are built into the MacPractice System to help track when a patient should be returning to the office. The titles Recall and Follow-up are used to label the same feature within MacPractice. Medical offices will use the term Follow-up while dental offices will use the term Recall. This video series will use the term Recall but can the information will be the same for both dental and medical offices.

Recalls can be created on a patient’s chart from the Ledger while entering a new charge. Simply click New Charges from the Charges menu within the Ledger. Enter in the procedure code and details. Be sure to watch the Ledger help videos for more details on entering charges. Create a new Recall by selecting a Recall type from the dropdown box.

As the charge is saved, a Recall will be posted into the Recall tab on the patient’s chart.

Watch the Recall - Scheduling Videos to learn the three options for scheduling Recalls.


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