Recalls & Follow Ups 1 - Setup


Recalls and Follow-Ups are built into the MacPractice System to help track when a patient should be returning to the office. The titles Recall and Follow-Up are used to label the same feature within MacPractice. Medical offices will use the term Follow-Up while dental offices will use the term Recall. This video series will use the term Recall but can the information will be the same for both dental and medical offices.

Navigate into the References ability and select the Recall node within the sidebar. Remember that if you are a medical office the node will be titled Follow-Ups. Click the triangle next to the node to view all of the existing Recall References in your database. Click the green plus in the sidebar to make a new Recall. You will notice that the new Recall will require a title and a frequency. When creating the frequency it is recommended to view each month as 31 days. This will ensure that the patient’s will not be seen before the allowed date set by their insurance. A 6 month Recall would be set for 186 days as 6 * 31 is 186. Save the new Recall with the edit menu or the keyboard shortcut Command S. Complete this step until all of the needed Recalls have been created.

MacPractice also has the ability to tie Recalls to the fee schedule. This will automatically assign a Recall to the patient’s chart when a procedure is added to the account. This works very well for some offices, while other offices need to have a slightly different workflow. Keep in mind that this information is defaulted into the Ledger but can always be changed per patient.

To setup this feature, navigate to the Fee Schedule within the References. Select the current fee schedule and navigate to a code that requires a Recall. Select a Recall from the popup and save with the edit menu or the keyboard shortcut Command S.

If you tie Recalls to the fee schedule, you might also want to turn on the Preference to “Schedule a Recall Appointment After Charge.” When enabled, MacPractice will prompt to create a Recall appointment after entering the patient’s charges. Use the MacPractice menu to open up the Preferences and navigate to the Ledger. Check the box “Schedule a Recall appointment after Charge. Remember Follow-Up will be used for medical offices.


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