Recalls & Follow Ups 5 - Scheduling Recalls From the Schedule Ability


Recalls and Follow-Ups are built into the MacPractice System to help track when a patient should be returning to the office. The titles Recall and Follow-up are used to label the same feature within MacPractice. Medical offices will use the term Follow-up while dental offices will use the term Recall. This video series will use the term Recall but can the information will be the same for both dental and medical offices.

Scheduling a Recall can be completed from the Schedule ability within MacPractice. In order to schedule the Recall, a Recall must be entered on the patient’s account through the patient tab or the new charge window. Watch the Creating Recall Videos to learn how to create the Recall record.

Simply select the patient with the patient selector and make a new appointment by clicking and dragging in the Schedule. Setup the appointment details like normal and click to save the appointment. Right click on the appointment and move to the Set Recall menu, this will show all of the Recalls on the patient’s chart.

Recalls that are displayed in green need to be scheduled. Click the green Recall and notice how the green color is transferred to the outline of the appointment. The display change is to confirm that your Recall was tied correctly. If you navigate to the set Recall menu again, you will notice that the Recall is now displayed in black as it is correctly tied.

If the Recall was chosen by accident, simply select remove Recall from the right click menu and reselect the correct Recall.


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