Rx - Prescription Fields

This article explains the usage of each prescription field in the Rx Ability. Additional information about creating prescriptions can be found in the article Creating a Prescription.

Medication: The Medication Name. When you search for a medication, the search will check the name.
PRN: Latin for "pro re nata"; indicates a medication should be taken as needed or as necessary.
May Substitute: Indicates a pharmacist may substitute a generic medication for a brand name one.
Take: The amount of medication per dose.
Drug Form: The form of the medication, such as tablet, pill, capsule, etc.
Route: The manner in which the medication is taken, such as orally, via inhaler, etc.
Frequency: How often the medication is taken.
Duration: How long the medication should be taken.
Dispense: Total amount of the medication to be prescribed.
Refills: Number of refills the pharmacist should allow.
Additional Sig: Special instructions for the patient or additional information regarding the prescription; will appear on the prescription label.
Special Instructions/Note to Pharmacist: Further information for the pharmacist regarding the prescription or patient; will not appear on the prescription label, but will appear on the printed prescription.
Non-Printed Notes: Notes associated with the prescription that are internal to MacPractice only.
Provider: The ordering or prescribing provider; the Patient's Provider by default.
Office: The office from which the prescription originated; the Patient's Office by default.
Incident: The corresponding incident in the patient's overall record; the most recent incident by default.
National Drug Code: Used to search and tie the NDC number to the current medication.
Prescription Order Number: Used to notate the order number; internal to MacPractice.
First Record of Order: Used to indicate this is the first record of this prescription being written for the patient- that it was written within MacPractice and did not exist on paper or elsewhere first.
Administered During Visit: Used to indicate that the medication was given to the patient at the visit; restricts the prescription from being printed.
Package Description: Indicates the package, bottle, or container based on the NDC code; internal to MacPractice.
Dose Calc: Indicates the method of dose calculation; internal to MacPractice.
Unit Qualifier: Indicates the units for the overall prescription; internal to MacPractice.
Ordered Date: Date that the prescription was originally requested.
Prescribed Date: Date that the prescription was created for the patient.
Dispensed Date: The date that the pharmacy dispensed the medication to the patient.
Started Date: Date that the patient should start taking the medication.

Add To Queue: Allows the user to store and print all prescriptions at once.
Form: Toggles the paper form used for the prescription.
Print Queue: Allows the user to print some or all of the medications that have been added to the queue.
Print Rx: Prints out the current prescription only.

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