Treatment Plan - Status

Each Treatment Plan has a Status that allows a user to track the status of a given Treatment Plan. The status selector is located in the Ledger Sidebar by any created Treatment Plan under the Treatment Plan node, as shown in the animated image below.

For more information on Treatment Plans, please refer to our How To Use Treatment Plans guide.


There are four potential statuses:

  • Proposed: A Proposed Treatment Plan is freshly created, but not yet presented to a patient.
  • Presented: A Presented Treatment Plan has been shown to a patient and is pending their acceptance or rejection.
  • Accepted: An Accepted Treatment Plan has both been presented to a patient, and has been accepted by the patient.
  • Rejected: A Rejected Treatment Plan has been presented to a patient, but the patient has disagreed with the Treatment Plan in its current state.

Rejected Treatment Plans can be hidden from the Treatment Plan node by using the "Hide Rejected Treatment Plans" option in the Incidents Drop Down Menu.


The Treatment Plans Report can be used to generate a list of Treatment Plans that can be filtered to display Treatment Plans in a particular Status or particular Procedures.

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