Managers At A Glance - Interactive

The Managers Ability is used to update items in bulk within MacPractice, and manage several useful features in MacPractice.Screen_Shot_2022-02-11_at_1.29.08_PM.png 

Codes Manager: The codes manager will allow the user to quickly import codes into the MacPractice Fee Schedule. 
Bulk Insurance Payments: The Bulk Insurance Payments will allow a user to place a payment onto multiple patients without leaving the managers ability. 
Charting Code Map: The Charting Code Map is used to place unique codes into the dental charting options. 
Claim Manager: The Claims manager is used to make or adjust claims in bulk. 
Collections Manager: The Collections Manager is used to communicate with TransWorld. 
Database Utilities: Database Utilities can be used to quickly update patient and database fields in bulk. Remember to have a recent backup before using a utility. 
Encounter Tracker: The Encounter Tracker is used to keep track of paper care slips. 
ERA Manager: The ERA Manager is used to post Electronic Remittance Advice. 
Ledger Audit Trail: The Ledger Audit Trail is used to track the changes in a patient's ledger. This will show if payments or line items have been deleted. 
Postal Codes: The Postal Codes can be imported into the system. This will allow the user to enter in the zip code to automatically pull the city and state. 
Statements: This manager should be used every month to print statements for patients. 
Time Clock Batch Record Creator: The Record Creator is great to use when the office staff all has a paid holiday. With a few clicks, everyone's time sheets can be updated. 
Trace Payment Number: The Trace Payment Number is used to cross reference payments that have been entered into MacPractice. 

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