Managers At A Glance - Interactive

The Managers Ability is used to update items in bulk within MacPractice. Creating statements for all of the office's patients has never been so easy. Use the claims manager to make sure that all of the claims have been created for the week. 

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation. 


Codes Manager: The codes manager will allow the user to quickly import codes into the MacPractice Fee Schedule. 
Bulk Insurance Payments: The Bulk Insurance Payments will allow a user to place a payment onto multiple patients without leaving the managers ability. 
Charting Code Map: The Charting Code Map is used to place unique codes into the dental charting options. 
Claim Manager: The Claims manager is used to make or adjust claims in bulk. 
Collections Manager: The Collections Manager is used to communicate with TransWorld. 
Database Utilities: Database Utilities can be used to quickly update patient and database fields in bulk. Remember to have a recent backup before using a utility. 
Encounter Tracker: The Encounter Tracker is used to keep track of paper care slips. 
ERA Manager: The ERA Manager is used to post Electronic Remittance Advice. 
Ledger Audit Trail: The Ledger Audit Trail is used to track the changes in a patient's ledger. This will show if payments or line items have been deleted. 
Postal Codes: The Postal Codes can be imported into the system. This will allow the user to enter in the zip code to automatically pull the city and state. 
Statements: This manager should be used every month to print statements for patients. 
Time Clock Batch Record Creator: The Record Creator is great to use when the office staff all has a paid holiday. With a few clicks, everyone's time sheets can be updated. 
Trace Payment Number: The Trace Payment Number is used to cross reference payments that have been entered into MacPractice. 

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