Clipboard At A Glance - Interactive

The Clipboard Application is a powerful tool to use in the waiting room. This application allows patients to fill out their registration forms while automatically updating the information on the MacPractice server. The front desk will no longer waste time transcribing information from the patient's intake forms. 

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation.  

Clipboard Name: The Clipboard Name can be customized to welcome patients into the office. 
Date: The Date will default to the current date but can be changed if needed. 
Patient and Form Selector: Select a Form by tapping on a patient's name. 
Appointments Tab: The Appointments Tab will show the user all the appointments for the selected date. 
Search Tab: The Search Tab is an excellent way to find a patient is a walk-in appointment. 
Support Button: The Support Button functions just like the support button within MacPractice. Pop the bubble to make a support ticket within MacPractice. 

Patient Welcome: The Patient Welcome screen is the first screen that the patient will see. This will instruct the patient on the use of the application. 
Patient Information: The patient can update their information by using the Patient Information sheet. This will automatically update MacPractice. 
Guarantor Information: The Guarantor Information can also be updated on the iPad, directly writing into MacPractice. 
HIPAA Consent: The HIPAA Consent form can be signed on the iPad application. This will update the HIPAA Release popup in the patient's insurance tab.  
Patient Review: The Patient Review is similar to a print preview. This will allow the user to review their information one last time before submitting the forms. 
Completion Screen: The Completion Screen will instruct the patient to return the iPad. If insurance information is needed, the iPad will remind the user to present an insurance card to the receptionist. 
Unlock Screen: The unlock screen will lock down the iPad application. This makes the iPad HIPAA secure as the patient cannot access any other patients within MacPractice. 

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