USB Camera

A USB or a UVC (USB Video Class) camera may be used with MacPractice.

This will be similar to how Patient Photos are taken but when a USB/UVC device is attached, there are a few more options available.

Clicking on the Camera icon will pop up the camera window. It may be necessary to click the gear icon and select the USB camera.

The new Icon that appears has an image of three sliders on it. This is the USB Camera Options button.

Clicking this button will bring up a new menu.

This menu may be different depending on the type of camera used. Any questions regarding the settings of the camera should be directed towards the manufacturer of the camera.

The default options match the default options from VideoGlide. If adjustments are made, clicking the 'R' on the right of any field will reset to the default.

  • Brightness: This controls the Brightness of the image.
  • Contrast: This will adjust the black & white contrast.
  • Sharpness: The sharpness of the image is controlled here.
  • Hue: This is the hue of the color in the image.
  • Saturation: This controls the saturation of the color in the image.
  • Gamma: This adjusts the gamma of the image.
  • White Balance: This defines what the camera identifies as white.
  • Power Hz: These buttons will help adjust for any noise that may come through on the image based on the power output of the camera.
  • AE Mode: The Auto Exposure button allows for the setting of the iris.
  • Iris (Abs): This controls the amount of light the camera uses to capture the image.
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