Orders At A Glance - Interactive

The Orders Tab allows users to track action items throughout MacPractice. Users can create tasks and assign them to another user in the office. Orders also connects with the attachments ability, easily allowing users to track order forms being sent out of the office.

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation. 


Patients Selector: The Patient Selector is used to select a patient. 
Sidebar Label:
Users can color code a sidebar entry using this popup menu. 
Sidebar Plus and Minus:
These buttons are used to either create or remove selected records in the sidebar.
Sidebar Search: This field is used to search through a selected node in the sidebar. 
Sidebar Header:
These columns allow the user to organize the sidebar information. 

Filters: The Filters are used to specify which orders are visible in the Orders Table. 
Orders Table: The Orders Table displays all orders that match the above filters.

Order Type: Order Types are used to categorize and organize orders. The available types can be managed in References.
Provider: The Provider allows the order to be filtered using the Filter by Provider popup in the Orders Table.
Office: The Office allows the order to be filtered using the Filter by Office popup in the Orders Table.
Incident: The Incident menu associated the order to an incident in the patient's overall record.
Short Description: The Short Description is a brief overview of the order and its purpose.
Long Description: The Long Description contains additional information, details, and notes about the order.
Attachment: The Attachment tab allows the user to attach images and files both to the order and to the patient's Attachments Ability.

Assigned To: The Assigned To popup will delegate the order to a particular user, and is used as a filter in the Orders Table.
Status: The Status is used as both a filter in the Orders Table and as a method of tracking the progress of an order.
Due Date: The Due Date is used to specify when an order should be completed by.
Urgent Order: An Urgent Order will be marked in red in the Orders Table.
Sign: Signing an order will lock the short and long description in and prevent any changes. 
Reminders: Reminders allow for alerts to popup for the assigned user at a designated date and time.

Notes: The Notes field allows for free text about the order and its progress, with a date and time stamp for each entry. 


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