Payment Window - Procedure Date

The Procedure Date field will show today's date by default, but this can be changed. When entering the date, you can enter the two-digit month, two-digit day, and two-digit year, and MacPractice will auto-format this field for you. E.g., entering "010117" will display as "01/01/2017" in MacPractice. If you prefer to enter and view the date before the month or use dashes instead of slashes, you can change the format in your Localization Preferences. When typing in a date field, you can also type T for today, Y for yesterday, and M for tomorrow, and the corresponding date with be filled in.

The Procedure Date field is useful if you are entering payments late and need to backdate the payment to the real date that it was received, or if you'd like for the payment to reflect the date on a check. MacPractice tracks both the Procedure Date (the one that you can edit) and the Posted Date (the day that you posted the transaction in the ledger). The Posted Date is not editable. Both dates are shown in columns in the ledger, and the ledger can be organized by either the posted or procedure date by changing the Preference accordingly. Likewise, many reports can be run based on the procedure date or the posted date.

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