Patient Portal At A Glance - Interactive

The Basic Patient Portal will allow patients to message into the office and review their scheduled appointments. Modules can also be added on to allow the patient to schedule an appointment from home. Online EHR forms can also be purchased to enhance the flow of the office intake forms. 

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation. 


Summary: The Summary tab will display important information at the dashboard of the portal. Upcoming visits and Unread messages will be displayed in this view. 
Messages: The Messages tab is used to compose or read a message from the office. An email will be sent to the portal user when a message has been sent to the portal. 
Schedule Appointment: The Schedule Appointment tab is used to host online scheduling in the patient portal. If the office does not have online scheduling, the patient can click this tab to message the office. 
Patient Tab

  • Register and EHR Forms: The Register and EHR forms tab is used to update the patient demographics, and fill out EHR forms. 
  • Health Records: Health Records can be viewed, downloaded, or transmitted from this tab. A health record can be exported from MacPractice using a template from CMS. 
  • Appointments: The Appointments tab will display all of the upcoming appointments for the patient. A patient can also see their last 30 days of appointments. 
  • Access Log: The Access Log will show the patient who is logging into their patient portal and the time that their information was accessed. 
  • Corrections: Corrections can be used to send in a quick request to the office. This will generate an order that can be approved or denied by the office. 

Help: The Help tab is a great place to point patients that are new to the portal. This will guide them through all available options. 
User Settings: The User Settings allows the user to update their login information without having to contact the office. 

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