Charge Window - Procedure Table

At the bottom of the New Charge window there is a table that will display a summary of information related to the Charge.

Clicking the green plus will add another charge in the window without having to close the Charge Window. Alternatively, clicking the red minus will remove any charge information line by line. 

Information that appears in this table include Code, Pr/Of (Provider and Office), Fee, and Copay.

This area will also display some Insurance Estimating information such as Allowed, Write Offs, Primary Insurance %, Primary Insurance PortionPrimary Deductible, and any information pertaining to any potential Secondary Insurance carriers.

In MacPractice MD and DDS, a user will also see a Tooth and Surface column. A user can change the tooth/surface information for a charge by selecting it, then pressing the Tab key on the keyboard, or by changing the information in the charge window above the table.

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