Claim Creation Window At A Glance - Interactive

The Claim Creation window is used to enter the details of the claim before sending it to the eClaims ability or printing it out on paper. This window will allow the user to select the correct insurance company and the correct Diagnosis Code System. To access this window, select a charge or multiple charges in the ledger and choose "Create Insurance Claim" from the Print menu.

 This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation. 



Print Statement:
Statement Form:
Create Insurance Claim:
Export Clinical Summary to the Patient Portal:

Create Claim:
Insurance Carrier:
Other Insurance:
Prior Authorization:
Accept Assignment:
Diagnosis Code System:
Insurance Paid:
Patient Paid:
Split Reason:
Resubmission Code:
Resubmission Reference:

Claim Detail Tab:

Procedure Date:
Procedure Code:
Procedure Fee:
Procedure Description:
Procedure Charge Diagnosis:
Procedure Claim Diagnosis:

Accept Assignment:
Cross-Over Claim:

Just Print Don't Save:

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