Claim Creation Window - Resubmission Code & Reference

The Resubmission Code and Reference may be entered here if needed. They will display on the CMS 1500 claim form in box 22.
MacPractice's default claim form does not have this field enabled. If you need box 22 enabled, you will need to download the form attached to this article.

Click here for the NPI and Legacy CMS 1500 form.

Click here for the Only NPI CMS 1500 form.

Note: If you have difficulty clicking the above links, right click the link and click "Copy link". Then paste the link into a web browser.

The downloaded file should be in an .fgen format, which can only be used by MacPractice. To install the form, simply double click on it, then follow the prompt in MacPractice to import.

If no such prompt appears, you can also navigate to the References Ability, select the Forms node, click the Green Plus button in the side to create a new record, and then click the "Import..." button. You'll need to name the Form before importing when doing it this way.

You may choose to make this your default form or just use it on a case by case basis. 

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