eClaims - Claim Table

The Claim Table displays all eClaims within the selected bin that meet the selected filters. Within this panel the user may select a single claim or a group of claims. Click and drag the cursor, or hold <Shift> and click, to select a block of consecutive claims. Hold <Command> to select multiple claims that are not consecutive. Click on a single claim in the table, with no keyboard keys pressed, in order to select a single claim.


When a group of claims is selected within the Ready Bin, the user is able to click the Send button. This will send only the claims that are selected. The user can also manually move claims from one bin to another, or click the Rebuild button to update information on all of the selected claims.

Claim Details Panel and the Claim Status Panel

When a single claim is selected, the specifics of the claim can be viewed in the Claim Details Panel. The history of the selected claim can be viewed in the Claim Status Panel. A single claim can also be rebuilt or manually moved. When more than a single claim is selected, no information will appear in the Claim Details Panel or in the Claim Status Panel.

If no claims are selected, no eClaim information can be viewed in the Claim Details Panel or in the eClaim Status Panel. With no claims selected, there is no option to rebuild or manually move claims. 

If the Send button is pressed from the Ready Bin, with no eClaims selected, all claims that are viewable in the Ready Bin will be generated into a .CLM file, also known as a Claim File or a Batch File. A .CLM file contains all individual claims, gathered into a single batch. If the template is for a partner clearinghouse, the eClaims will also be transmitted to the clearinghouse when the Send button is pressed.

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