DR & Imaging - Patients with Visits - The Layout Popup

This popup allows the selection of layouts that are created in the Layouts node. The Layout selected will appear in the Mount View sorting the images inside the Thumbnail View into the specifics of the Layout. It is possible to change the Layout at any time.

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    Carlos Gonzalez

    If you already have images that you captured they will be associated to the boxes they are in and that number tied to it. So if you happen to switch the layout utilizing the dropdown box keep in mind that other layouts have other layout box numbers associated to them. What this means is that once you make the change any x-ray already numbered a certain number will then display in those positions located in the new mont you flip over to. The capture order number is meant to help control the order of the images they sequence in when taking them and also where they are then displayed on the mount. It's just a good idea to know this information if you happen to change your layout after the fact, taking images.